Best Practices

Cultivation and Conservation of Botanical and Medicinal Plants


  • Inculcate values of Botanical and Medicinal plants.
  • Foster awareness of their uses and promote conservation among students.

Ayurveda, an integral part of India’s traditional medicine, has been practiced for centuries. Recognizing the significance of botanical and medicinal plants, our institution aims to instill values, knowledge of their uses, and the importance of conservation in students. Plants are fundamental to human life, providing essential resources like oxygen, food, and shelter. Medicinal plants, in particular, are invaluable sources of natural compounds with medicinal properties, making it imperative to conserve them for future generations.

Blood Donation as Life Saver Initiative


  • Ensure a safe and adequate blood supply for patients in need.
  • Encourage students to become regular voluntary blood donors.

The practice addresses the critical need for a safe and ample blood supply. Students voluntarily donate blood, contributing to emergencies and medical treatments. The initiative aims to raise awareness about the importance of voluntary blood donations, emphasizing the benefits for both donors and recipients.

Fee Sponsorship for Blind Students

The college has generously agreed to sponsor the fees for three blind students, demonstrating a strong commitment to inclusivity and support for students with disabilities. This sponsorship will cover the entire tuition cost, alleviating a significant financial burden for these students and their families. By removing this financial obstacle, the college is enabling these students to fully focus on their academic pursuits and personal growth. This initiative not only reflects the institution’s dedication to providing equal educational opportunities for all but also sets a positive example for other educational institutions to follow. The support for these blind students underscores the college’s mission to foster a diverse and supportive learning environment.